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A complete and easy-to-use tool to modify and improve your subtitle files
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Ciuperca Cosmin

Subtitles Modifier is a free application to make easy corrections to your subtitles files. Intended for the inexperienced user, it gives you the possibility of correcting time mistakes, ignore non-dialogue subtitles, or even split your subtitle file into smaller sections. It includes useful automatic modifications, though you can always make some of them manually.

This free software offers the non-expert user a set of tools to greatly improve subtitle files. You can, for example, correct automatically the length of the text lines to be displayed, either by resolution and player font or by the number of characters allowed per line. You can also set the display time according to the number of characters that will be shown in the screen, applying longer display times to longer dialogues. This application allows for a number of different delays and time adjustments that will help you to create accurate subtitle files.

You can choose to take out all the commentaries usually included for persons with a hearing impairment. These texts are usually presented between brackets or inverted commas, which can be automatically detected by the program and ignored.

If the video is divided into two or more files, splitting your subtitles with Subtitles Modifier is simple and effective. Just tell the program the exact length of time covered by each video file, and it will slice your text file accordingly.

You can always check the changes applied by opening your video file in the preview window provided.

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  • Useful automated functionality for the non-expert user
  • Preview window to check modifications


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